Top 5 Tips for Boat Maintenance

Your boat is your prized possession, the only place where you can give up on all the stress and worries, and take yourself far away from this world. But hey, maintenance is crucial if you mean to continue enjoying your boat. Upkeep is essential for all things, be it a car or a window, and your boat is naturally not an exception.

It doesn’t matter if you want to keep the boat to yourself, or sell it off to someone else. Upkeep and maintenance can enhance its value and get you a good price.

Here are top 5 tips that will ensure your boat is fit and running:

  • Post ride bath

You heard that right. Your boat too needs a bath when you return from your boating trip. Now you must be wondering, my boat was in water all day, what is this blog even about! The boat was in water, but hey, contrary to what you may assume, the water wasn’t clean.

In fact, salt water can cause great damage to your boat because of its corrosiveness. So, as you return, be sure to rinse your boat with fresh water. If you fail to ensure this simple and easy little exercise, your boat will begin to rust and erode.

  • Find the perfect cleaning solution

You need to find a cleaning solution that best suits the exterior of your boat. It is ideal that you make use of a biodegradable soap and soft sponge for the exterior, and for the windows, why don’t you try a DIY solution made with apple cider vinegar and water! It works wonders.

  • Oil change alert!

Your boat needs an oil change just like your car, so if you want it to run smoothly in those waters, make sure you change the oil regularly. If you are not sure how it is done, or when it should be done, be sure to consult a specialist in this matter with your engine specifications.

  • Get rid of damaged equipment

You can’t ignore the damaged equipment on your boat, and you must not dare to because once you’re out in the sea, if something goes wrong, you can’t get out and shout out for help. So, take all eroded, rusted, rotten or damaged equipment and get it repaired or replaced without any second thoughts or delays.

  • How well are the propellers?

 Propellers are the most essential equipment of your boat, so make sure they are in good shape and health. Be sure to take them out and check for nicks, dents and all other damages. Once you repair them or even clean them, you’ll be surprised to see how smoothly your boat will start functioning.

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