Top 5 Yachts for Sports Fishing

Dating back all the way to the times of the Vikings, sports fishing has always been an enjoyable hobby of the exciting and adventurous. Only doing it now, in modern times of tech savvy gadgets and fancy equipment, it’s a lot more fun and entertaining.

And then, we have the luxury of super powered yachts that have been made exclusively for sports fishing. We have compiled an amazing countdown of the 5 best yachts that you can invest in to enjoy sports fishing in lavish comfort.

Here we go:

  1. Riviera 51

Riviera is the largest, and most luxurious of boats for sports fishing. It’s entire built has been designed to make it amazingly comfortable, and more like an express-style cruiser, as it cuts through the waves and thrusts forward like a high powered convertible.

A 51 feet long Riviera is all you need to enjoy your hobby lavishly, and spend your time by the sea in great luxury and comfort. The cabins, the cockpit and even the lounging area on the deck, the interior speaks volumes on style and exciting extravagance. It’s like the sports car of yachts.

  1. Huckins 45 Sportfisherman

A custom-built Huckins 45 Sportfisher is the ride for you if you’re passionate about this sport, and you want to take out the big guns when you head out to hunt. 45 SF is the ultimate fishing machine that has a high powered engine to accelerate and speed its way out of tricky waves.

Its twin 480-horsepower Cummins diesels will make sure you enjoy fighting with the waves, or even, gliding over them.

  1. Viking 62 Convertible

Are you looking for a beast that can slice up the sea and cut through like a sea monster? Well, you’ve found one here! The Viking is a remarkable yacht that has been designed for speed lovers. She is feisty and ready to take up the most turbulent of waters.

It will cut through the waves without splashing the water to drench you on board. And the lavishing comfort just sets it a class apart.

  1. Hatteras 45EX

Are you looking for something smaller, and yet, you don’t want to compromise on the speed? Hatteras 45 Express is perfect for your needs. Its 1,150-horsepower Cat C18 ACERT diesel engines will give you an amazing speed in the water, and the boat will delight you with its smooth handling.

The décor is very modest and appealing, despite being small in size, it is perfect to accommodate your needs in style and comfort.

  1. Sagitta 45 Sport Cruiser

Planning on taking on the turbulent seas, and enjoying your favourite sport in the roughest of waters? Well, Sagitta 45 is your ideal choice.

Its vacuum infusion will give you a staggering speed as you conquer those waves, and enjoy your thrill and excitement in style and lavish extravagance.


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