Best Destinations for your Cruising Wanderlust!

The best part about owning your own boat or yacht is the spontaneity of it all. You always have that opportunity to just take off, and lose yourselves in waves of the sea that envelop you and cut you off from the world.

And sometimes, you decide to take up that opportunity and live your life to the fullest in a few carefree and lazy days, lounging on the deck of your cruiser and let the waves ripple around you as you soak up the sun.

Here are some of the craziest cruising destination to give you that perfect fit you need for your cruising vacation:

  • The Caribbean

Puerto Rico is a sailor’s dream and without a doubt, the most splendid area to cruise around some delightful islands. The Spanish Virgin Islands, primarily Vieques and Culebra, are ideal for chartering and getting away from all the noise and hurry.

The scenery is breath-taking, and the remarkable sunset is like a scene stolen from the heavens. As soon as you enter this exotic abode of nature, you just want to lose yourself in the peaceful and serene beauty of the Grenadines and Tobago Cays. For those who enjoy swimming with sea animals and hunting snorkels, it just doesn’t get better than the Caribbean.

  • Thunder Bay, Gulf of Alaska

Are you looking for solitude, alone time and some much-needed peace to reconnect with yourself? The Gulf of Alaska and its lonely splendour awaits your arrival in all its glory. The mountains and glaciers will give you a delightful nature fix, and the people of Alaska will win your heart away with their friendship and sincerity.

  • Scotland

Scotland is a great cruise destination for those who have a strong connection with castles and wish to feast their eyes on some of the most stunning harbours in the world. A journey through Scotland on your yacht is the best way to explore the region in all its rugged and exciting beauty. A dream vacation is in order, and Scotland is nature at its most adventurous best.

  • Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is amazing for a vacation that has a great nightlife, all the right moments of peace, and natural beauty in all its glory. Cape Town is a sailor’s paradise for cruising in its water is a delight for the eyes and its location is very upcoming and trendy. You get to enjoy a splendid vacation with great outdoor fun and beach vibes very similar to that of California.

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