Steps to take when children are on board!

As a parent, uncle or adult sailor, it is your responsibility that everyone who is new on the boat must learn from you. As far as kids are concerned, it can be a little hard to steer them away from needlessly moving the steering around, or playing with one of the important lines. But if you follow the right techniques, you can help children understand the ropes of sailing in all fun and excitement

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Be the leader

As captain of the boat, you will be setting an example that the children are most likely to follow. So, be a leader who garners affection and awe, and instead of badgering your children to wear life jackets or stay away from the reeling, do it yourself or better, show them how it’s done. Once they see you doing a particular thing, they would want to imitate it too.

  • Engage the older kids

Your kids would love to tilt their bodies to the side and dip their arms deep into the water, splashing around all fun and games. But hey, that is a dangerous thing, particularly if a younger kid is doing it. If you have older children and you feel like they encourage such behaviour, engage them privately and ask them to help you put an end to it to get the younger ones out of danger.

  • Make them aware of all potential danger

Your children must be aware of all the basic safety procedures that they need to know in order to stay strong in the instance of possible danger. Once they know all the safe words, the first aid administrations, on deck safety measures and more, you won’t have to worry they’ll land themselves into trouble all that much.

You can always engage them in playing sailing games online, or on their phone in order to increase their knowledge about this splendid sport and gauge their interests.

  • Delegate them tasks

If you really want them to stay out of trouble as you enjoy the sea breeze slapping your face, give them each a task to take care of. Even if it is to hold a pair of binoculars all day, they’ll consider it a responsibility and get really excited about being a helpful passenger on the boat. Naturally, they would no longer be so easily diverted since they’ll be busy taking care of their own tasks.

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