Qualities of a Good Marina

Thinking of expanding you Marina? Or wondering about how to make it more profitable? Well, then we are at your service, friends!

Marinas come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But what makes them distinct from each other is their quality of service. Some owners earn a handsome amount of bucks from their marinas and attract a lot of customers while the others just stand average. Marinas can be small with little of marine activity or can be large with advanced facilities and all-time busy schedules.

So what basically what is the essence of these seashores? Let’s throw some light on this aspect!


Marinas provide experience to customers which they won’t get anywhere else. So friendliness and good customer service count a lot. The Quality of yachts and slips and the number of moorings add much to the value.

Believe me, friends, even if you have the best marina, you’ll still not succeed if you do not cater you people well. So it’s not just about meeting the needs of the boaters, but, you have to go beyond that. Develop a good relationship!


Before you start to operate, you must always first mindful of the purpose you are building the marina for. You should know the mission you are aiming for. You should also be considerate about what you have to provide to the people.


From small marinas to larger ones, proposing a range of places for customers to spend their cash allows marinas to earn the profit in a number of different areas and to provide a variety of services. So you should attempt to add diversity in the areas where you want your customers to spend their money. The more, the better!


Value-added facilities, along with the provision of excellent service to customers, can make one marina unique of the other. Also, there are some amenities which customers are already demanding for. The top ones include sufficient power and water supply, access to Internet and cable TV, and convenient sewage pump.


Arrange a number of social events for your boaters including fun parties. It’s the best source of recreation. The parties are arranged so marina users can socialize with each other, giving them added purposes for returning to the docks.


Marina’s design is of immense significance. A good marina should have fairways which are easy to navigate, sufficient distinct water space, full-length finger docks, and extensive steady floating docks that are properly maintained.

A well-maintained, strong dock system with broad, well-defined walkways and appropriately sized freeboard will help guarantee the marina is one that boaters admire about.

Hence there are certain rules which ensure that the marina is a successful one. The most important of these rules is the fact that it should be fun for boaters, Also, the hospitality and degree of relationship with the customers is the key to success. So whoever is looking for the best advice for building a good quality dock can get the best guidance on the topics mentioned above.

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