Why You Should Go Boating At Least Once In Your Life

If you’ve stumbled upon this and have happened to begin reading it, then the chances of you [the reader] being interested in boating and owning a boat are rather high (why else be on a site dedicated to boats and their repair?). Perhaps you even own a boat already, in which case congratulations for investing in such a sophisticated hobby/pass time. But, whether you’re thinking about buying a boat and taking it out on the water or you already have a boat, I’ll ask you this one question, “Why go boating?”

As much as I hate being “Captain Obvious” it can be a good exercise to question what we do, so that we may appreciate it all that much more. Take for instance food, we simply just eat because we are hungry, but when we truly understand that food is fuel and without good food our quality of life plummets drastically we begin to better appreciate and better monitor what goes into our mouth. The same can certainly be said of boating. If we can actively search for the deeper reasons as to why we love owning and using a boat then we might just appreciate it much more.

Let’s break it down, most people who have the money to buy a boat have the money to spend on a boat and the free time to enjoy a boat. Ultimately, most boat owners find it to be a luxury and representation of their riches/wealth. As good of a reason as luxury is for having and enjoying a boat, we can still think deeper. What about a boat makes it so luxurious?

Luxury doesn’t necessarily mean comfortable seats or cutting edge technology. Something can be luxurious if you simply own it and no one else does. It is your boat, it is your property you don’t share it with any other people and you definitely don’t rent it. The boat is under your control and you can do with it as you please. Take it out for a nice ride out on the water or not, it’s your boat remember. You can control who comes on it. If your neighbor has been asking to take a ride on your boat you can say, “NO” because you don’t want them and their smelly family ruining your pristine boat with their stink and their dumb faces. This brings me to my next point of luxury and that is the ability to lead a better life.

Luxury offers you the ability to lead a better and more comfortable life. And what is more comfortable than being able to get away from your smelly neighbors, your loving but overbearing family, and the cell phone signal that keeps distracting you with work and other stressful non-luxurious activities. Solitude is a luxury especially in New Jersey a highly populated stat. Be out on the water. Be free to travel out as far as you like. Be happy knowing that in this moment you won’t be bothered.

Boating = Luxury because boating can give you something that your daily routine can’t give you and that’s piece of mind.

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